JazzFest 2022: We BACK!


Finally coming down of the high’s of French Quarter Fest, Jazz Fest and nonstop private/corporate events… No one knew, but this was the hardest @jazzfest I’ve every performed, being it was the first one of my entire life without my dad. But I didn’t want to burden my musicians nor the audience with my personal pain, so I focused on Mahogany Brass Band’s 30th anniversary and consecutive JF performance. I simply told the musicians to do what they do best.

I held tears back for an hour. “Billy White Shoes” wasn’t there. That always slightly out-of-tune alto sax wasn’t there. Dwight’s tambourine wasn’t there.

Caught Up In The Rapture: Glenn David Andrews and I go way back to when he was a young man. We have a kindred spirit on stage. It was church and I asked him to come preach. I sent one text, and with no questions asked, he said, “Ill be there my brother.” Stand By Me was my choice of song. I forgot the intro, than trembled and fought back the tears, but @tremeprince understood the assignment and carried out the mission overwhelmingly. For those who supported us, in person and online via @wwoz_neworleans live broadcast, THANK YOU. There’s some major collaboration energy coming y’all way soon…

GDA and all my Mahogany cohorts, THANK YOU 🙏🏾
📸 by @marcmillmanphotos

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