EduTalks & Tours: New Orleans Music, Culture and Landmarks


The evolution of New Orleans music is essential to American music and reflects the greater story of American history. For almost three centuries, New Orleans has fostered the intersectionality of African, Caribbean, and European influences, persisted in the face of natural and manmade disasters, and influenced music and culture worldwide. New Orleans music provides a distinct lens for examining how the national confluence of cultures generates one-of-a-kind art forms. But an examination of the historical, economic, social, and political contexts of New Orleans tells an even richer story of how and why New Orleans’ music evolved, its cultural influences throughout the world, and why the music of the Big Easy remains so relevant and popular.

Recognized worldwide as celebratory and exuberant, many see these art forms as purely performance-based—but a deeper experience of New Orleans music provides a fascinating window into how an environment of harsh social conditions and vast inequalities can be the genesis of beautiful cultural forms, and how the music itself can be rooted in seeking social justice for all.

This is why The New Orleans Music Company offers EduTalks & Tours: New Orleans Music, Culture and Landmarks, where the central landmark under study will be the City of New Orleans itself, allowing for an in-depth investigation of her influences and inequities—and authentic engagement with the living, evolving musical forms that have emerged from her complicated history.

The New Orleans Music Company offers a series of unique workshops, lectures, and cultural tours designed for academic communities, journalist and others who want to explore the intersections of New Orleans music, culture, space, place, indigenous cultural performances, civil rights social justice, and post-disaster resiliency. Even though New Orleans music is regarded as being celebratory and exuberant, a deeper study of New Orleans music provides a fascinating window into how an environment of harsh social conditions and vast inequalities can be the genesis of beautiful cultural forms, and how the music can be rooted in seeking justice for all.

The New Orleans Music Company’s academic workshops and tours are invigorated by the mix of site visits and walking tours, which are paired with informative lectures, compelling discussions and reflection. For example, our Music, Culture and Civil Rights experience starts at Congo Square and moves through the history of New Orleans’ musical forms and civil rights. Walking tours can be arranged for any size group and in any of New Orleans’ unique neighborhoods. Services include consultation, which ensures direct intersection with the group or organization’s interest and focus.

For example, in Spring 2016, Dr. Brice Miller organized several tours and lecturers for Tulane University’s Taylor Center for Social Innovation and Design Thinking for the Ashoka U Exchange Social Innovation Conference. In conjunction to serving as a “Best Practices” panelist, Dr. Miller  also coordinated 3 community site visits for the more than 700 participants to experience New Orleans firsthand. This lecture and tour series included:

  • A tour of the Carrollton community with Karen Gadbois and myself, discussing the the founding of The Lens
  • A tour of the Treme and N. Claiborne Ave corridor with Anthony Bennett, discussing the role of African-American communities and culture in social innovation
  • A tour of the Ellis Marsalis Center for Music to discuss bottom-up, community-based social change and design thinking

Most recently, Dr. Brice Miller organized a series of EduLectures and site tours for Tulane University’s Center for the Study of the Gulf South and the National Endowment for the Humanities “New Orleans: Music, Culture and Civil Rights, An NEH Landmarks of American History and Culture Workshop for Teachers” Summer 2017 workshop series. These workshops include:

  • A visit and lecture at Congo Square with a performance by Bamboula 2000
  • A visit and lecture with the Young Men Olympian Benevolent Association (the oldest Benevolent Association in New Orleans), and a site tour of Dryades Street and Jackson Avenue, with a performance by the Mahogany Brass Band
  • A site visit and lecture of the Tremé neighborhood and the North Claiborne Corridor and a guided walking Tour with Cultural Leader Anthony Bennett
  • A site visit to Preservation Hall with a performance by the world-famous musicians of Preservation Hall

Let The New Orleans Music Company organize an EduTalks & Tours: New Orleans Music, Culture and Landmarks site visit for your group, TODAY!

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