Like barbecue shrimp po-boys, pineapple Big Shot’s, crawfish on the lake, red beans and rice every Monday, and second-line parades after church on Sunday’s… WE ARE SO NEW ORLEANS!

The New Orleans Music Company is an entertainment agency that provides authentic New Orleans music, cultural performances for conventions, casinos, venues, festivals, universities, weddings, private parties, fundraisers, conferences, restaurants, music venues, sporting events and more. We also provide cultural education lectures and city tours with a focus on New Orleans music, culture, history, civil rights, economic development, social innovation, and the new post-Katrina New Orleans.

There is not another talent agency that is more versed in all things New Orleans than The New Orleans Music Company. New Orleans is known worldwide for its festive and celebratory reputation. We help our client’s create their own New Orleans style party, any day of the week.

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At The New Orleans Music Company, we combine decades of knowledge, professionalism, and creative expertise to create authentic New Orleans experiences. We make our client’s visions come to life while minimizing stress, so that you can focus your energy on other aspects of your event. Are you looking for the most authentic New Orleans music and cultural experience for your event, clients or venue? The New Orleans Music Company is New Orleans’ BEST entertainment provider for the perfect music, cultural performances, and cultural education lectures and tours for meetings and events in New Orleans.

Below is a comprehensive list of our most popular entertainment services. However, if there’s a specific band or performer you’re interested in, say, Kermit Ruffins, Dr. John, Leroy Jones, Amanda Shaw, Galactic, Mannie Fresh, Dee-1, or Rebirth Brass Band, then that’s no problem because we can arrange that and make it happen too!

So, here’s a sampling of what we can offer for your next event…


2 festival of Jazz. Veracruz, MEXICO 2006Only in New Orleans! A fixture in New Orleans since the 1800s, brass bands are a mobile ensemble (requiring no electricity) known for their festive upbeat music and ability to move large crowds of people from one location to another. Brass bands are favorite for parades, conferences, conventions, weddings and parties. Their music ranges from traditional to contemporary and funky with a hip-hop flavor.

Brass band brings you the ultimate New Orleans experience, the second-line parade!  Whether you’re planning a small gathering of friends, or a large corporate event, The New Orleans Music Company can create an experience that you and your guests will never forget! OUR NEW ORLEANS BRASS BANDS include everything style from traditional to contemporary, funk, hip-hop and Klezmer.

*TheNOMC One-Of-A-Kind Offering: The New Orleans Music Company offers a parade planning package which includes planning the route, securing the parade permit and police escorts, and a coordinator on-site to make sure everything goes off without a hitch.

Prices start @ $800. 



IMG_1440.JPGCreated in New Orleans, jazz music is one of the most popular forms of music in the world. A jazz band is a musical ensemble that plays jazz music. Jazz bands vary in the quantity of its members and the style of jazz music that they play but it is common to find a jazz band made up of a rhythm section (bass , piano, guitar and drums), horns and sometimes a vocalist. The New Orleans Music Company offers jazz bands ranging from trio’s (3 musicians) to the award winning Delfeayo Marslais and the Uptown Jazz Orchestra, which is comprised of as many as 18 musicians. The size of the ensemble is usually based on the size of the venue and the overall ambiance desired. The New Orleans Music Company offers ensembles who perform a wide genre of jazz styles ranging from New Orleans style jazz to modern and straight-ahead jazz.

*TheNOMC One-Of-A-Kind Offering: How to select a jazz band? The New Orleans Music Company provides free consultancy with every event, so we’ll help you pick the size ensemble to work best for your event. Our jazz bands are perfect when clients want music that provides a relaxed ambient backdrop. 

Prices start @ $600. 



PExZa9xQOLDE-00Ly3fMMZ7RaCpSS5sQopJe9VdaHUNL1JENNIW8kF2nuAUryjIZNMcQzqb5=w1290-h843.jpgNew Orleans has been known as the cradle of funk. Funk, an outgrowth of jazz, originated in the 1960s as a rhythmic, danceable form of music that blended elements soul, jazz and R&B. Emphasizing harmony and melody and having a nasty bass line, the best funk bands have fans from all walks of life dancing and grooving to their sound. The best funk bands seamlessly unite fans from across different sexes, races, and nationalities behind their desire to lose themselves in the music, and yes, to dance. The New Orleans Music Company offers some of the FUNKiest bands in New Orleans, such as Ecirb Müller’s Twisted Dixie, Az IzZ and DPlay.

*TheNOMC One-Of-A-Kind Offering: The New Orleans Music Company is the EXCLUSIVE booking agent for Ecirb Müller’s Twisted Dixie, which considered one of New Orleans’ premiere jazz/party bands. Playing a style of music they’ve branded as NuTrad, Twisted Dixie is a high-energy party!

Prices start @ $1,200. 



https://i0.wp.com/lokaltidningen.se/storyimage/SE/20160511/artikler/705189959/AR/0/AR-705189959.jpg&MaxW=660&MaxH=440&Q=100&IsoModifiedDate=Klezmer music began in medieval Europe, where bands of itinerant Jewish musicians went from town to town playing for Jewish festivals and special events. By the 19th century, klezmer music had become a well-developed musical style, taking its inspiration not only from the synagogue, but from the non-Jewish culture that surrounded it. In America, immigrant Jewish musicians adapted this music to the new rhythms and instruments they found, creating new klezmer forms. In the 1990s, several young klezmer bands setup home in New Orleans. Similar to New Orleans brass bands, klezmer bands in New Orleans have that street culture thing to it is popular. The New Orleans Music Company offers Klezmer bands such Panorama and the New Orleans Klezmer Allstars.

*TheNOMC One-Of-A-Kind Offering: The New Orleans Music Company is the EXCLUSIVE booking agent for Panorama Jazz Band and Panorama Brass Band, which New Orleans’ premiere Klezmer ensembles. Book them today for a sure twist and fun time at your next event!

Prices start @ $700.



BAM solo.jpgA solo musician is a singular musician providing entertainment. The instrumentation can be any instrument, including: piano, guitar, trumpet, saxophone, trombone, harp, and even drums. In New Orleans, the most popular solo performances are trumpet (with vocals), piano, or guitar. The NOMC also offers more modern solo musicians such as Brice Miller’s Urban Swing Project, which combines modern technology, creating a new-age one-man band.

*TheNOMC One-Of-A-Kind Offering: The New Orleans Music Company offers the Urban Swing Project, which is one of the most unique one-man-bands in America. Urban Swing Project is one of the most requested and versatile entertainment choices for private and corporate events. Book Urban Swing Project for your next event today!

Prices start @ $150.



UJO_Photo_Promo-2.pngA big band is a type of musical ensemble associated with playing jazz music and which became popular during the Swing Era from the early 1930s until the late 1940s. Big Bands evolved with the times and continue to today. A big band typically consists of approximately 12 to 25 musicians and contains saxophones, trumpets, trombones, and a rhythm section. The terms jazz band, jazz ensemble, stage band, jazz orchestra, and dance band are also used to refer to this type of ensemble. In contrast to smaller jazz combos, in which most of the music is improvised, or created spontaneously, music played by big bands is highly “arranged,” or prepared in advance and notated on sheet music.

*TheNOMC One-Of-A-Kind Offering: The New Orleans Music Company is the EXCLUSIVE New Orleans booking agent offers the award-winning Delfeayo Marsalis and the Uptown Jazz Orchestra, winners of the Best of the Beat in New Orleans. The Uptown Jazz Orchestra brings the joyous and celebratory sounds of New Orleans to life in music, from the brass band street sounds to the posh nightclub scene, to a Copland Carnegie Hall excursion. Under the direction of NEA Jazz Master Delfeayo Marsalis, the Uptown Jazz Orchestra adds some home-cooked seasoning to original material and jazz classics that pay homage to America’s great cultural traditions: blues, swing, groove and good old-fashioned southern hospitality. Recently, Delfeayo Marsalis and the Uptown Jazz Orchestra performed two SOLD OUT shows at the famed New York jazz club Dizzy’s, which is housed in Jazz @Lincoln Center. The performance also had over 45K Facebook Live viewers.

Prices start @ $2,200.



https://i0.wp.com/www.crixeo.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/01/Mardi-Gras-Indians-creole-tribes.jpgMardi Gras Indians are uniquely New Orleans. Although their actual origins are debatable, Black Mardi Gras Indians have paraded through the streets of the city since the 1800s. The Mardi Gras Indians are comprised, in large part, of the African-American communities of New Orleans’s inner city. While these Indians have paraded for well over a century and their bright color handcrafted suits are recognized throughout the world, their parades through the backstreets of the city, is perhaps the least organized Mardi Gras tradition. Mardi Gras is full of secrets, and the Mardi Gras Indians are as much a part of that secrecy as any other carnival organization. Their parade dates, times and routes are never published in advance, although they do tend to gather in the same areas every year. Over the last several years, Mardi Gras Indians have become a colorful addition to cooperate events.

*TheNOMC One-Of-A-Kind Offering: The New Orleans Music Company offers not only provide Mardi Gras Indians for events, but we also provide lectures and educational forums for attendees to learn more about this unique and intriguing  culture.

Prices start @ $250.




A Grand Marshal is usually a member of a larger Benevolent Society, also known as a Social Aid & Pleasure Club, which have been a fixture in New Orleans, and other large urban cities since the early1800s. Traditionally in New Orleans culture, the Grand Marshal leads the parade, engaging guests, and dances to the grooves of the New Orleans second-line band, known as brass bands. The Grand Marshal, whom can be male or female, wears a tailored suit, a Stetson hat, a decorated sash, and dances with handcrafted feather fans. Endlessly energetic, with all the fancy footwork, Grand Marshal’s not only lead the band, they ensure everyone is involved in the festivities! A Grand Marshal is an essential addition to any parade.

*TheNOMC One-Of-A-Kind Offering: The New Orleans Music Company offers not only provide Grand Marshal’s for events, but we also provide lectures and educational forums for attendees to learn more about this unique and 200+ year-old culture.  

Prices start @ $200.



13195318-standard.jpgSometimes clients simply want a party and a live band is not the right fit for every event, and that’s why we offer the most professional DJ’s in New Orleans. We provide DJs, live music, planning, uplighting and/or sound reinforcement as needed to help make your company’s event a memorable experience for all involved. The NOMC uses the latest technology, including iPad DJ’ing and digital streaming, which provides us access to millions of songs and the ability play almost any song instantly.

From backyard BBQs, school and charity events, club gigs, raucous house parties, private holiday gatherings, barn parties, moonlight howls — you name it and we’ve done the music for it. And for many events, we’ve produced the whole event, front to back and top to bottom. Our DJs are talented, knowledgeable and experienced, read the crowd, uphold high standards and are devoted to providing quality entertainment and great music with style and taste to help make any party a true celebration. And because The New Orleans Music Company team is made up of musicians, our DJ’s are not only skilled creating the perfect atmosphere, they’re all skilled at selecting the perfect music, ensuring your event is a great event!

Prices start @ $500.



https://i0.wp.com/hssn-media.advance.net/NOLA.com/news/1bc71d984c8798381346e6e9354c936e/KREWE_OF_THOTH_2013_2_15773596.jpgIn New Orleans, we love them! High School Marching Bands are an essential part of the local music scene. New Orleans’ marching bands are easily the hardest-working high school bands in the world. During Mardi Gras, high school marching bands appear in parades all over the city. Our city is truly fortunate to have so many of these talented young musicians, many who eventually become professional musicians. Adding a high school marching band to your corporate parade is a sure way to certainly make the New Orleans experience something spectacular!

Prices start @ $1,200.





The New Orleans Music Company offers Master of Ceremony (also known as an MC or emcee) for a wide range of events. The Master of Ceremonies introduces speakers, makes announcements, and engages with the audience to keep the ceremony agenda flowing as smoothly as possible, and uses his/her enthusiastic personality to maintain a fun and high-energy event.

*TheNOMC One-Of-A-Kind Offering: The New Orleans Music Company offers Dr. Brice Miler as our EXCLUSIVE Master of Ceremony and Voice of God. With his deep, smooth, erotic voice, Dr. Miller is one of the most in-demand voices in New Orleans. He has been featured on countless recordings, NPR, is a regular voice on WWOZ and was featured on several seasons of HBO’s Treme. 

Prices start @ Negotiable.



The New Orleans Music Company team is not only made up of musicians, but many of our musicians are also educators (a common thread in New Orleans). Because of this, we are often in the classrooms and working on educational programs with some of the city’s top academic community. Our lineup of Cultural Lecturers and Historians is impressive, including Preservation Hall musicians and New Orleans culture-bearers such as Norman Dixon, Jr and Anthony Bennett, as well as prominent scholars, such as Dr. Brice Miller, Dr. Michael White, Gregg Stafford, Leory Jones, Dr. Matt Sakakeeny, Dr. John Ware, Dr. Daryl Disckerson, Emily Clark, and Dr. Bruce Raeburn, to nme a few. Our services have been used to organize workshops for the National Park Service, New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Foundation, National Endowment for the Humanities, Tulane University and Ashoka U, IBM, The University of Alabama, Ellis Marsalis Center for Music, Satchmo Summer Festival, New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Foundation, and the City of New Orleans

*TheNOMC One-Of-A-Kind Offering: The New Orleans Music Company is the ONLY entertainment services provider that also provides academic professionals, cultural lecturers, historians, and musicians who can provide historical overviews as a part of their performances.

Prices start @ Negotiable.



The New Orleans Music Company offers a series of unique workshops, lectures, and cultural tours designed for academic communities, journalist and others who want to explore the intersections of New Orleans music, culture, space, place, indigenous cultural performances and civil rights.


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