Tornado Hits New Orleans Area 3-22-2022: Prayers Up


We’ve all been through so much in these last two years. To have to face continual disasters, all beyond our control, is taxing. Prayers for all whom were in the path of destruction and those directly impacted. The New Orleans Music Company has several musicians who live in St. Bernard Parish, Chalmette, Lower9, and New Orleans East. Luckily, everyone is safe. Same for our family members. 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾

As someone who lived in Mississippi and Alabama along “tornado alley,” I know firsthand the mass destruction tornadoes cause. Also, our neighborhood in Carrollton (New Orleans) was stuck by a tornado in February 2006, several months after hurricane Katrina.

Again, our prayers are with everyone. As the sun comes up, we see both the massive impacts and the miracles abound, being, it could’ve been a lot worst. Blessings.

— Dr. Brice “Doc” Miller

tornado #chalmette #lower9thward #neworleanseast #westbank #algiers #bellechasse

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