New Orleans: Covid19 Phase 3.1

|Just Asking Questions:| So where are all the New Orleans cultural and economic experts, and what’ve they done over the last 7 months to improve the lives, wages and business infrastructure? And while the city was “embracing the culture,” while paying bands $400, what’ve they done to ensure all the musicians, cultural bearers and artist get their/our FAIR SHARE from the millions of state dollars negotiated pre-Covid19?

Truth is, the same folk who claim to be experts and advocates are the same ones trying to get city contracts, be on city boards and get free invites to politically influenced parties, so they can’t really advocate because they’re looking out for their best interest, not yours. Sadly, after 7 months of mandated shutdown, when live entertainment does become allowable, nothing has changed for the better; I’m betting pay and opportunities will actually be worsened.

I’ve watched, studied, researched, written about, talked about New Orleans’ cultural economy, interviewed my dad along with dozens of elders, been an active performer for more than 30 years and cultural entrepreneur for over 20 years. I’ve watched the same folk (so called experts, advocates and gatekeepers) dance around the political tables. I’ve ran into those same people rubbing elbows at private parties. I’ve had those same people emailing me and wanting to do lunch or coffee, talk about the culture. I’ve also watched the same musicians and performers bounce from poverty to above poverty to below poverty, while others bounce from rehab to clean to homelessness back to rehab, with a magazine or newspaper article or mention to feed the ego from time to time.

As a cultural performer recently posted on her social media: “I feel sad to see that, after going through everything that has gone on this past year, entertainment practices appear largely unchanged; No accountability necessary. Just pick up where we left off on March 15th, I guess.”

And yes, that might sound cynical, but it pretty much sums everything up in the grand scheme of things, because ain’t shit changed but the dates and the weather!

Strange how suddenly the most praised and exploited commodity in New Orleans completely fell off the map. From the initial shutdown to the recent Phase 3.1 announcement, there has not been a single mention, protocol, or suggestive approach for (potential) performances or innovative ways to support the musicians, artist and cultural performers. But I assure you, when the time comes, the commercials, billboards and TV ads will be plentiful, and filled with cultural representation.

For musicians, artist, and cultural performers, the primary conversations should have been: knowing your worth, understanding and demanding your value, sharing the profits, enhancing what performance looks like, sounds like and pays. But sadly, after 7 months, and who knows how many more, because they’ve been no conversations, the post-Covid19 scene will be more of the same as it’s always been, for the exception of more folk taking less pay, to at least get some gigs, just to get by until the next one comes along.

Since April, I’ve interviewed over 200 musicians and cultural performers. I’ve photographed almost 300. I’ve videoed dozens. My daily FB Live has upwards of 3,000 daily views, a platform that I also talked to and interviewed performers. I say that to say, there’s most likely no one else who have engaged with the actual members of the cultural economy and cultural communities as I have. I know firsthand what they/we/us are going through.

You’d think, with all the homegrown talent in this city and the city’s dependency on that talent to draw the millions of visitors, that being a musician would be… sorry, I digressed!

—Dr. Brice Miller • Cultural Anthropologist, Jazz Musician, Educator, CEO @ The New Orleans Music Company • + http://www.noladjtruck

#RedAlertRESTART: Support the Live Music Industry

|We Make Live Music:| SUPPORT us with #RedAlertRESTART as we shines a light on the struggling live music industry. Our red #NolaDJTruck is ready to lead the March!

More than 20 million people depend on our industry as their livelihood. New Orleans’ identity, economy and tourism depend on the cultural economy, which is compromised predominantly by live music. As a cultural entrepreneur, my firm, #TheNewOrleansMusicCompany has been shutdown since March 15th, impacting dozens of musicians and hundreds of clients.

If the @saints can have “fans” attend games, our music venues, clubs, and wedding venues can have “fans” and our Social Aid & Pleasure Clubs and Mardi Gras Indians can parade through the streets of the city. Let’s #engagetheculture!

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Dr. Brice Miller: The Soul of New Orleans

We are beyond honored to highlight our Founder and Artistic Director has been selected by the New Orleans Multicultural Tourism Network as their inaugural member spotlight as the epitome of the Soul of New Orleans!

A scholar, a cultural anthropologist, a musician/composer, a researcher, a father, a husband, and a gentleman. Dr. Miller is humble, but hardworking and this is showcased in his multi talents and the records of success that represent his character and dedication to cultural performance and entrepreneurship.

We’re So New Orleans!

We wish we could be providing the sounds and cultural performance of the city at events, conventions, conferences, weddings, clubs and on festival stages around the world as we’ve done for more than 20 years. And although Covid19 has changed the ways we engage, The New Orleans Music Company remains committed to being your #1 source for New Orleans music.

We’ve added virtual streaming, virtual experiences and video production to our offerings. Take a look at our Grand Marshal, Mr. Percy Ellis doing his famous moves in the French Quarter! All shot and produced by TheNOMC using DJI drone, OSMOPOCKET and edited in FinalPro.

Let us be your source for virtual performances or creative music/cultural video development!

Keeping New Orleans Music Alive!

📸 |Motivation Monday:| Yes Lawd! When your (father and son!) photography work is featured on and your artistic contributions provide inspiration in these dark times…💥

Showing my 15 year old son (and the family) OUR photo on was a joyful feeling. He’s reminded, I’m working to set he and his siblings up for success. He’s spent this pandemic photographing and videoing some of the city’s most iconic cultural performers. Absolute LOVE!

Reminder: If you’re looking for some creative photography, video, droning or creative solutions to push your brand, #patreon or #onlyfans drop me a DM. Let’s work + #engagetheculture!

Keeping the Soul and Sounds of New Orleans Flowing…

Dr. Brice Miller performing his most recent smash composition, So New Orleans with Delfeayo Marsalis and the Uptown Jazz Orchestra for a live streaming concert in partnership with the Niagara Jazz Festival in Canada

Covid19 has shifted the way artist perform and engage with audiences. The New Orleans Music Company has adapted and now serves as the leading producer of HIGH QUALITY streaming performances that represent New Orleans’ unique musical and cultural diaspora. Let us bring the SOUL and SOUNDS of New Orleans to you, virtually!

Future New Orleans

Ecirb Müller’s Twisted Dixie performs an early Saturday evening set at Spotted Cat on Frenchmen Street. Within one hour, the venue was jam packed.

Major pivot is happening to outdoor spaces…the future of the culture is small parties/house parties/smaller secondlines, etc. We are the culture, not the festivals. So long as the people remain, the culture develops. More of the ways of those who came before us…

Mask Up NOLA: Our Culture Depends on It!

|Covid19:| Dear New Orleans, I am Dr. Brice Miller, an internationally performing jazz trumpeter/vocalist. As a cultural entrepreneur, my company @TheNewOrleansMusicCompany provides entertainment for some of the biggest events/festivals in the city and beyond. Are you missing the culture and sounds of New Orleans?

Mask up, New Orleans: It’s a matter of life, death and those of us in the cultural economy are yearning to return to our livelihoods. We’ve been silent since March 14th. Coronavirus is not a hoax. Enough is enough. We’ve lost enough people. All of festivals and cultural events have been canceled. Sunday second-lines are silent. Our cultural economy is dead. Our tours canceled. Let’s do it for all of us… MASK UP NOLA!

#maskup #coronavirus #covid19 #pandemic #culturaleconomy #maskupnola #cityofculture #theneworleansmusiccompany #jazzparty #uptownjazzorchestra #jazzman 📸by Brice Miller, Jr aka @bamcapture (age15)

It’s Memorial Day!

|Celebrating Memorialization Day:| Different things have different meanings for different people…

This day has ALWAYS been about family. This is the day the entire family and friends would gather at our house for barbecue, fried fish and plenty drinking. This is the day we would have the first family pool party of the summer. This is the day my dad and his brothers would always get drunk, together. This is the day my dad bought me a brand new sports car, off the showroom floor, for my high school graduation present.

Since being married, this is the day my parents would start calling me at the break of dawn to come clean the pool, straighten the yard, assemble furniture they’d Somehow bought the night before, clean the grill, cook the food, and try to learn my secret barbecue sauce! Sadly, the reality is this is the first Memorial Day without my dad. Today, I’m swinging on my front porch shedding on the trumpet my friend @scottfrock just cop’d me. My dad’s not here and Covid19 won’t let us gather as a family, but at least I have a trumpet in my hand. He’d be proud. No, he is proud!

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