Motivation Monday • Thankful

Motivation Monday: Being Deeply Immersed in Blessings + Happiness. 2021 threw some curves and the devil be busy, but I’ve been blessed to manifest my plans, dreams and talents into joyful realities. Excited to kick some brASS in 2022!

You gotta believe in you, believe in your dreams, believe in your abilities, believe in your goals and objectives. People are gonna talk about you regardless and those same people will give you every reason to doubt yourself, as a comfort of their own self-doubt and insecurities. There’s no need to share your visions nor explain your reasons to those whom aren’t investing in you winning. And most importantly, there’s no benefit to clinging on to people, relationships or aggregations that you no longer align with; people change and there’s nothing wrong with change, it’s inevitable. Don’t lose your blessings, trying to appease others. Bet on YOU! If you believe you gonna win, keep working until you’ve won.

—Dr. Brice “Doc” Miller

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