#RedAlertRESTART: Support the Live Music Industry

|We Make Live Music:| SUPPORT us with #RedAlertRESTART as we shines a light on the struggling live music industry. Our red #NolaDJTruck is ready to lead the March!

More than 20 million people depend on our industry as their livelihood. New Orleans’ identity, economy and tourism depend on the cultural economy, which is compromised predominantly by live music. As a cultural entrepreneur, my firm, #TheNewOrleansMusicCompany has been shutdown since March 15th, impacting dozens of musicians and hundreds of clients.

If the @saints can have “fans” attend games, our music venues, clubs, and wedding venues can have “fans” and our Social Aid & Pleasure Clubs and Mardi Gras Indians can parade through the streets of the city. Let’s #engagetheculture!

engagetheculture #neworleans #livemusic #takeittothestreets #stageonwheels #djtruck #brassbands #jazz #mardigrasindians #redalaertrestart

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