It’s Memorial Day!

|Celebrating Memorialization Day:| Different things have different meanings for different people…

This day has ALWAYS been about family. This is the day the entire family and friends would gather at our house for barbecue, fried fish and plenty drinking. This is the day we would have the first family pool party of the summer. This is the day my dad and his brothers would always get drunk, together. This is the day my dad bought me a brand new sports car, off the showroom floor, for my high school graduation present.

Since being married, this is the day my parents would start calling me at the break of dawn to come clean the pool, straighten the yard, assemble furniture they’d Somehow bought the night before, clean the grill, cook the food, and try to learn my secret barbecue sauce! Sadly, the reality is this is the first Memorial Day without my dad. Today, I’m swinging on my front porch shedding on the trumpet my friend @scottfrock just cop’d me. My dad’s not here and Covid19 won’t let us gather as a family, but at least I have a trumpet in my hand. He’d be proud. No, he is proud!

#today #memorialday #thinkingaboutmydad #billywhiteshoes #wearethemillers #familyfirstalways #dwightmiller #jazzmen #soneworleans

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