How Can We Best Deal With COVID-19, as a Nation?

Well how about this solution for COVID-19?

Everyone, I mean everyone take a month to 8 weeks off. Have the banks excuse mortgages, landlords rent, utilities, credit cards, car notes, store credits, cable and any other finacial obligations dismissed now till the end of May. Relieving everyone’s financial stress. Not postponed, dismissed! Banks and corporations, insurance card companies and profiteers suck it up for one month.

Have only essential services operate. Everyone stay home. Clean your house, help clean your neighborhood, read, work on self development, education, work on hobbies and indulge in new ones, plan for a better future and whatever else to keep it positive without the stress. Let it pass. Why should we risk our health, having unknown infectious people spreading COVID-19 for because folk are still forced to work to pay bills?

Ask ourselves what’s more important health or possible death to pay your bills and run your business for one month? The banks are getting assistance, to the tune of a trillion dollars. Let’s do a complete shut down. Maybe we could take the time to reflect and think about how to be more considerate, kind and loving to all of our neighbors. Maybe we could use this time to reestablish the essence is family by spending this time TOGETHER. Maybe we can use this time as an opportunity to figure out how we can make America Great, for once.

And hey, maybe for once also, we can get the politicians to listen to We The People.

Be safe my friends,

Dr. Brice Miller

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