Sharing the Sounds of New Orleans: SCTE Expo 2019

|Talk Dat Talk Tuesday:| Hey, It ain’t a bad look to hangout with some beautiful BabyDolls on a Tuesday morning…

By the time most people went to lunch, we had already paraded a couple of hundred people through the #MorialConventionCenter🕺🏾🎺 We make it do what it do!

Awesome event today for #SCTC•ISBE #CableTec Expo 2019. Shoutout to #MahoganyBrassBand and #BabyDollDaisyDevine and #BabyDollStarLight for making us look so damn good!

When it comes to corporate events in New Orleans, @theneworleansmusic #theneworleansmusiccompany is the premiere entertainment service provider for conventions, conferences, and private events. Great working with @neworleansandco to make New Orleans sound so good. Book your next event @ We do small and large, prices for everyone. We’re so New Orleans!

#corporateevents #soneworleans #privateevents #jazzman #cityofculture #cabletech #neworleans #mahoganybrassband #babydolls #soulofneworleans @soulofnola #iamneworleansculture

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