Appreciating The Journey

|The Journey Matters:| Meaningful success is not something that happens over night. It’s something that takes years. It’s full of long days and even longer nights, countless mistakes and frustrating failures. But it’s not all bad. Through endless experimentation you find what works. As you slowly hone your craft, you build a fan base that loves your work and enjoys watching you grow.

This is the process. Love the process. Trust the process. And most importantly, BE PRESENT through it all. It’s not just about the end game. Always remember, when people talk about you it means they’re thinking about you. Let them hate while you keep building.

Thank you to everyone who has supported The New Orleans Music Company and Ecirb Müller’s Twisted Dixie and Arts NOLA and all of my endeavors. Truly grateful for you all!

It’s been an exhaustingly busy 2019, so I’m headed to the Bahamas to smoke Cuban cigars and drink expensive whiskey chased with Australian beer! Oh, I’m going scuba diving too…

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