Ecirb Müller Twisted Dixie CD Press Release 2019

Ecirb Müller’s TwistedAnnounce New Album What Had Happened Was… 
For the last three years Ecirb Müller’s Twisted Dixie have been so busy unearthing facts about America’s most mysterious jazzman while also creating a name for themselves on the local music scene via their high-energy, gut-bucket funny stage shows and Sunday night dance party’s on Frenchmen Street that releasing an album seemed unimportant. Fans kept asking, “This music is amazing, when are you’ll going to record?” Well, finally, the wait is over.

After spending almost a year of meticulously planning and recording a project that would accurately reproduce the band’s unique stage show, Ecirb Müller’s Twisted Dixie will release their debut LP: On May 11, America’s FUNkiest traditional jazz band, the New Orleans-based hybrid jazz/party band will release What Had Happened Was…, an album whose title speaks directly to their signature phrase of hyperbole hilarity.

“In New Orleans, if somebody starts a statement off with, ‘What had happened was,’ they’re about to tell you a bunch of half truths,” says Dr. Brice Miller, the creator of the Ecirb Müller character. “This band is the most fun, entertaining, and musically exploratory ensemble I’ve ever performed with and totally epitomizes the joys and happiness of what makes New Orleans so special,” says Ed Barrett, lead guitarist and unofficial President of Mormonicity. 
On the forthcoming album, listeners are taken on journey of insightful tall tales and Ecirb Müller’s Twisted Dixie’s trademark grooving soulful reenactments of traditional jazz standards–– called NuTrad. “I came up with the NuTrad concept while on tour in Italy a few years ago with my brass band, Mahogany. The vibe is to make people dance and enjoy jazz for its enjoyment, not the whole cerebral concept,” says Dr. Miller.

Musically, What Had Happened Was… brings together a Danny Barker and Louis Armstrong like entertainment factor, a Louis Jordan and Lil’ John hype-man energy with the dance factor of Rebirth and Dirty Dozen Brass Bands via a genre-bending concoction of jazz, funk, Go-Go, , brass band and old school R&B. The studio release is produced by The New Orleans Music Company.

  • Morning News, 7-9am on Channel 4, on air performance and interview.
  • CD Release Party: May 11, Spotted Cat, 6-10pm
  • Post-CD Party: May 12, Café Negril, 6-10pm @ Get Lucky Sunday
  • Digital Downloads Available: iTunes, CD Baby and Amazon
  • Local Purchase: Louisiana Music Factory, Peaches Records, Spotted Cat, Café Negril and The New Orleans Music Company

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