COVID19: Easter in New Orleans


|Do The Bunny Hop🐰:| For all of us, this will be the weirdest Easter EVER!

For New Orleanians, this will be the quietest Easter EVER! No Chris Owen Parade. No Pigeon Town Steppers Secondline Parade. No Lake Front. No Frenchmen Street. No Claiborne under the bridge. No Bourbon Street. No brunch. No crawfish boils. Is this really real?

But on behalf of Dr. Brice Miller and all the musicians and artist @ The New Orleans Music Company we promise you, The Sweet Sounds of New Orleans and EVERYTHING that makes us beautifully weird WILL RETURN…

We are wishing each of you and your families a beautiful and safe quarantined Easter celebration @ HOME. Like you, we can’t wait for this to be something we talk about rather then exist in. And yes, we are busily booking post-coronavirus dates. So secure your dates and entertainment now.

Peace and Love. Happy Easter!

Dr. Brice Müller, founder

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How Can We Best Deal With COVID-19, as a Nation?

Well how about this solution for COVID-19?

Everyone, I mean everyone take a month to 8 weeks off. Have the banks excuse mortgages, landlords rent, utilities, credit cards, car notes, store credits, cable and any other finacial obligations dismissed now till the end of May. Relieving everyone’s financial stress. Not postponed, dismissed! Banks and corporations, insurance card companies and profiteers suck it up for one month.

Have only essential services operate. Everyone stay home. Clean your house, help clean your neighborhood, read, work on self development, education, work on hobbies and indulge in new ones, plan for a better future and whatever else to keep it positive without the stress. Let it pass. Why should we risk our health, having unknown infectious people spreading COVID-19 for because folk are still forced to work to pay bills?

Ask ourselves what’s more important health or possible death to pay your bills and run your business for one month? The banks are getting assistance, to the tune of a trillion dollars. Let’s do a complete shut down. Maybe we could take the time to reflect and think about how to be more considerate, kind and loving to all of our neighbors. Maybe we could use this time to reestablish the essence is family by spending this time TOGETHER. Maybe we can use this time as an opportunity to figure out how we can make America Great, for once.

And hey, maybe for once also, we can get the politicians to listen to We The People.

Be safe my friends,

Dr. Brice Miller

MERRY CHRISTMAS from The New Orleans Music Company!

On behalf of all our musicians, cultural performers, artist, and our entire team… We say MerryChristmas and Happy Holidays!

—Dr. Brice Miller, founder and artistic director

Talk Dat Talk: Keeping The Groove Going!

|Talk Dat Talk Tuesday:| Be careful what you ask for and be even more careful about what you pray for…

Today begins a 4 month escapade of nonstop performing, touring, recording, concerts, creative partnerships, and traveling. Additionally, my entertainment firm @theneworleansmusic Company is about to redefine cultural engagement and expanding nationally/internationally. Yes Lawd, EXCITED!

Here are some really cool shows and public performances you can check out:

12•4 @ Mardi Gras World Float Den w/ Dr. Brice Miller’s Urban Swing Project

12•4 @ Snug Harbor w/ Delfeayo Marsalis and the Uptown Jazz Orchestra, 10pm

12•5 @ Ritz Carlton w/ Dr. Brice Miller Jazz Quartet, 5pm

12•6 @ N.O. Jazz Market w/ Adonis Rose and New Orleans Jazz Orchestra’s tribute to Duke Ellington’s Nut Cracker Suite, 7:30pm

12•7 @ Pinecrest Gardens — Banyan Bowl, 11000 SW 57th Avenue @ Pinecrest Florida, 8pm

12•8 @ Café Negril w/ Ecirb Müller’s Twisted Dixie, 6-10pm

12•11 @ Snug Harbor w/ Delfeayo Marsalis and the Uptown Jazz Orchestra, 8 & 10pm

12•13 – 12•14 @ Jazz@Lincoln Center w/ Adonis Rose and New Orleans Jazz Orchestra, 7:30pm & 9:30pm

12•15 @ Café Negril w/ Ecirb Müller’s Twisted Dixie, 6-10pm

12•18 @ Snug Harbor w/ Delfeayo Marsalis and the Uptown Jazz Orchestra, 8 & 10pm

12•20 – 12•29 @ Family Vacation Christmas in New York! (Office Closed)

12•31 @ Harrah’s Casino (New Orleans) w/ Mahogany Brass Band + Baby Dolls + Mardi Gras Indians + Grand Marshals @ New Year’s Eve Extravagannza, 8-12:20am

1•3 @ Spotted Cat w/ Dr. Brice Miller & bukuNOLA, 10pm-2am ($5 cover)

1•8 @ Snug Harbor w/ Delfeayo Marsalis and the Uptown Jazz Orchestra, 8 & 10pm

1•10 – 1•13 @ New York and Connecticut Jazz Party Tour w/ Delfeayo Marsalis and the Uptown Jazz Orchestra

1•15 @ Snug Harbor w/ Delfeayo Marsalis and the Uptown Jazz Orchestra, 8 & 10pm

*NOTE: Does not include private or corporate events

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Small Business Saturday: We are The Sounds of Soul of New Orleans!

|Small Business Saturday:| Ain’t no off days in this cultural entrepreneur life…

This is Jessica and Josef, they live in Atlanta, but love New Orleans, and they’re getting married there this Spring! Being the awesome cultural entrepreneur I am, always going the extra mile to provide the best services. Being I’m currently in Atlanta celebrating the Saints and my wife’s birthday, I decided it be cool to meet them in person, so we met at their favorite Buckhead coffee shop to discuss all their entertainment needs to ensure #theneworleansmusiccompany provides the perfect soundtrack for their BIG DAY!

We go the extra mile in EVERYTHING that we do…

This is why @theneworleansmusic is the #1 musician-owned entertainment company in New Orleans. Support us @ — We the BEST!

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That Rare Free Friday

|Kick’N Some Brass with Dr. Brice Miller:| What Had Happened Was… Lady and her husband flew to New Orleans, Uber’d to Frenchmen to see me perform. Got to Spotted Cat and found out I wasn’t performing, wife passed out. Husband rushed to her aid, asked what happened; “Baby, Dr. Miller ain’t playing tonight. He’s chilling with his family.” He passed out too! Paramedics were called to the scene… Current situation. City Tourism Commissioner asked if I could come say hello to them. I’m off tonight, chilling with my family!

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Love & Marriage: Celebrate with a New Orleans Style Wedding!

Getting married in New Orleans? Want to have your very own street parade? Let The New Orleans Music Company provide our services to make your special an AWESOME DAY!

We provide everything you need, including:

  • Consultation (we want your day to be YOUR day)
  • Entertainment Options (ceremony music, reception music, wedding parade, DJs and MCs)
  • Wedding 2ndline aka Wedding Parade (traditional brass band with or without Grand Marshal, Mardi Gras Indians, walking characters and more!)
  • Permits and Police Escorts for your wedding parade (we take care of all the paperwork and logistics)
  • Umbrellas and handkerchiefs

We love celebrating love! New Orleans is one of the leading wedding destinations in the world, and with such a distinguished reputation, The New Orleans Music Company aims to ensure that your day is magical, beautiful, unique, and stress free.

All it takes is to complete our BOOK ENTERTAINMENT form here on our website. You’ll receive a reply email within 5 minutes to 3 hours max, schedule a quick phone chat, then you’ll receive your electronic contract. As for payment, everything is also electronic; utilizing Square Payment Management. And boom, your wedding day entertainment is secured!

As the great wedding singer Al Green once said, “Love and Happiness.”

We Are New Orleans’ Birthday Celebration Experts!

|It’s Ya Birthday ~ Do Your Dance:| I love my clients! Yvette said she wanted to bring in her 40th Life Celebration with some New Orleans flavor, so we 2ndLine’d down Fulton Alley!Are you celebrating life moments? If so, let The New Orleans Music Company help you celebrate. We’d love to be a part of making memories with you. And tonight, my future business partner, Brice Miller Jr., joined us on trumpet 🎺… Let’s live our best lives!#happybirthday #lifecelebrations #doyourdance #soneworleans #2ndline #secondline #mahoganybrassband #cityofculture #theneworleansmusiccompany

Help Us Get the FUNKiest Traditional Jazz Band in New Orleans Booked for the 2020 Jazz & Heritage Festival!

We have applied! Now we need your help to help us make our JazzFest debut. We’re looking for 300 people to call JazzFest @ 504-410-4100 and let them know you’d like to experience Ecirb Müller’s Twisted Dixie at JazzFest 2020. Thanks!

Sharing the Sounds of New Orleans: SCTE Expo 2019

|Talk Dat Talk Tuesday:| Hey, It ain’t a bad look to hangout with some beautiful BabyDolls on a Tuesday morning…

By the time most people went to lunch, we had already paraded a couple of hundred people through the #MorialConventionCenter🕺🏾🎺 We make it do what it do!

Awesome event today for #SCTC•ISBE #CableTec Expo 2019. Shoutout to #MahoganyBrassBand and #BabyDollDaisyDevine and #BabyDollStarLight for making us look so damn good!

When it comes to corporate events in New Orleans, @theneworleansmusic #theneworleansmusiccompany is the premiere entertainment service provider for conventions, conferences, and private events. Great working with @neworleansandco to make New Orleans sound so good. Book your next event @ We do small and large, prices for everyone. We’re so New Orleans!

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We Provide the Soundtrack for any Event!

|Motivation Monday:| We living our best life… and we PARTY’N! Tomorrow ain’t promised so let’s celebrate life today. We Are So New Orleans!

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We Love Our Clients!

|Passion Friday:| It’s fall wedding season. New client venue walk-through. For the best and most professional entertainment services, The New Orleans Music Company ( is the best in New Orleans!

We provide entertainment for spaces, places, and things. Got an event? Need music? Party, wedding, parade? Club, festival, private event? We got music!


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