Out With The Old, In With The New: Welcoming 2023👊🏾

Dear 2022,

You’ve been an absolutely amazing year. I want to thank you for making this one of the best years, keeping me busy, helping me heal, truly finding my focus, achieving the goals set forth and coordinating + performing over 300 events without a single snag. I’m praying 2023 is just as amazing, or better, than you were 2022. Gonna miss you!

And to each and every person, company, convention, conference, wedding, bachelor/bachelorette, event planner, DMC, tourism agency, ad agency, movie production, school, church, divorcee… TO EVERYONE WHO UTILIZED OUR SERVICES, with buku love and appreciation… THANK YOU!

Dr. Brice “Doc” Miller, Sr.

📸 by Brice Miller Jr., age 17 aka @bamcaptured

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