🌀Hurricane IDA Update: Do You Know What It Means To Miss New Orleans?

As we continue to monitor the restoration of essential services and electricity in New Orleans and our immediate communities post-Hurricane Ida, we at The New Orleans Music Company is working hard to get the music and culture grooving for upcoming events. We’re also working with clients/events that were forced to cancel due to IDA. Our musicians and their families are safe and on the way to recovering and putting the pieces of their lives back together. But getting back to work, performing for events is essential.

As New Orleanians face continued loss and mourning, we recognize that events such as Hurricane Katrina, COVID-19, and Hurricane Ida can strengthen our resolve to preserve our culture and promote an equitable and prosperous future for all. As culture bearers, we are part of a population made of remarkable people, the heartbeat of the city and everything the world loves about New Orleans.

In all that we do at The New Orleans Music Company, our ultimate goal is to improve the lives by sharing the SOUL and SOUNDS of the city with the world. As the official cultural ambassadors of New Orleans, The New Orleans Music Company understands the importance music plays in our lives and can’t wait to bring some joy and happiness during these devastating times; 16 years after Hurricane Katrina brought so much ruin. But now, like then, we are resolved to celebrate all things New Orleans music and culture.


If you have any specific questions regarding your upcoming event(s), send us an email. We’re also working with clients and venues to make any adjustments needed to allow events to still happen, in New Orleans! We’re going to get this, together. In the meantime, here are some ways you can support the musicians and culture bearers:

• Send them some financial support
• Help pay for property damage
• Give a gas card to pay for fuel back and forth to the city
• Book them for an event or house concert
• Give them a prepaid card for groceries
• Offer to pay a bill due to loss gigs
• Whatever you do, give directly to the person!

Support the culture! http://www.thenomc.com

—Dr. Brice Miller, Founder/Artistic Director

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